About Frugal Daddy

Frugal Daddy is a money saving blog site to help consumers save money online. Unlike other money saving blogs or websites, we aim to provide only the best and most popular deals, codes, freebies, competitions and more.  We aim to make it simple to find the best deals online.

Why Frugal Daddy, well as a parent myself. I understand the need to make sacrifices in order to provide the best possible life for my wife and kids. I might be a frugal with my finances, but I also like to save money on everything I buy. This has helped me to save thousands of pounds every year. So I came up with the name Frugal Daddy as it seemed fitting to my life as a parent and a provider for my family. I’d like to pass on these tips to the world and what better way than using a blog site. After all Martin Lewis has managed to do well from his moneysavingexpert.com site which started as a blog site. I however don’t want to bog my site down with every possible deal. Just the best ones. If there is a deal worth using I will have it on my site!

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