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Credit Card Switching to avoid too much charges

Switching Credit Cards can help you avoid paying over the odds when it comes to borrowing money. We usually switch to 0% cards near the end of the term but one of our recent cards has run out and because we had to use it for the odd purchase here and there, we noticed the bank is now going to charge us for borrowing this money as our initial period where it was 0% run out. We didn’t realise so now we are looking at switching to another 0% card.

Switching can save you lots of money but you have to be careful who you switch to and how many times you apply for other cards otherwise you will affect your credit rating. 1 tip would be is to make sure the card provider isn’t the same as the one you are switching or already have other existing cards with. Make sure you close down the old cards that are no longer in use. Always look for Instant Decision Credit Cards as then you will find out before going through the main credit checks.

I am not one for wanting to borrow money and putting it on the credit card but tough times mean it becomes difficult to afford just everyday things. That isn’t to say we go without the odd treat, like a nice meal out, the odd weekend away or a nice new toy for my birthday. My wife brought me an iPad and I must say I’m getting my use out of it. Hey you’ve gotta live right. We usually set up a direct debit to pay off a monthly amount so that the debt doesn’t continue to build up. So I’ve been looking around for a new card to transfer my balance over too and I found some which now offer Instant Approval Credit Cards which is great as you can find out almost straight away if you will get accepted or not. This is generally worked out on your income but is very useful to save applying for loads of other cards that might not accept you and then this can have a negative effort on your credit score.

As Christmas is less than 100 days away, Got both Kids birthdays coming up in November with Joshua turning 2 and Molly turning 4, there will be more expense with their birthday parties and presents.

I’d better get more frugal so that I can pay off the debt before the 0% runs out.

Cherish those special moments

My daughter comes home from Preschool and quite often she will bring some drawings or paintings from what she has done that day. It’s nice to know that she is having a good time and she tells us this is one of her favourite things to do. However those little drawings can clutter up our kitchen and so we end up binning most of these. Sorry Molly if you are reading this when you have grown up a bit. We do love your drawings and hope you will understand that we can’t keep them all. We do however put the odd couple on the Fridge and replace with better ones as and when.

Maybe I’ve just found the answer. I will take photos of your drawings and keep these as a memory of your earlier years to Cherish those special moments when you were little enough to still want cuddles, still be dependant on Mummy and Daddy and generally just so cute.

I have also decided that I will put up the odd special drawing, painting or even hand printed art onto this blog so that I can look at this when I’m at work or away from home to put a massive smile on my face and can keep for years to come.

So here is the first installment of Molly’s special moments that I want to cherish. We love you lots Molly and you are the best daughter in the whole wide world.

molly hand print

Better than sending your picture into the BBC for them to not display it on CBeebies hey!

New Voucher Code Site almost ready

Frugal Daddy has been busy working hard building a new Voucher Code site called Voucher Daddy! Goes nicely with this blog. The site does exactly what it says on the tin and is the Daddy of all Voucher Codes.

If you are looking for Voucher Codes at any UK retailer that offers Voucher Codes (aka Discount Codes or Promotional Codes) then you should visit I’ve tried to make the site as user friendly as possible so that the visitors searching for specific merchant voucher codes can find them easily. Also to make it clear when codes or deals expire, not displaying expired codes like other sites just trying to gain that extra click through to the merchant. Hopefully this USP will set my site apart from the hundreds of other sites out there. If a code is not available on my site, then the likelyhood is it’s not going to be available elsewhere. If its not available you can sign up to receive an e-mail as soon as there are any codes or deals from that specific merchant.

I’ve been getting some content written for me as I simply don’t have the time with doing code and design modifications to the site. I’ve received my first batch and so far I’m very happy. Thanks Kirstin, great job.

I’ve also created a Travel Deals section to display the deals and codes available from all the latest travel retailers such as Alpharooms, Thomas Cook, Expedia and more. As the site is fairly new, I’m still adding more merchants every day. I should have all merchants available on the site within a month or 2.

If you are looking for a voucher code for any specific merchant and its not currently on the site, then please do let me know as I will try and find you one, if none available for your chosen merchant, I will go and find other related merchants deals or codes. Often it might get you a better deal this way as I can usually find better discounts. Please post any requests for codes onto the Voucher Daddy Facebook Page here.

In the future I have plans to offer member rewards. I will also be doing competitions.

I hope you like the site and it saves you money when shopping online.

We all live at Bucklebury Farm E I E I O

If you have Kids, you must Go E I E I O!!

My wife and I took the Kids to Bucklebury Farm Park in Bucklebury Village (in between Reading and Newbury) at the weekend and had a great time. Josh tractor

Having days out doesn’t have to be expensive too. A Family day pass costs £26.50, however I got out my VoucherCloud App and found a half price on family tickets so it only cost us £13.25, plus a few ice creams.

There is plenty for all the family including feeding the farm animals such as Goats, Pigs, Lambs, Donkeys. Go on the Tractor Ride which is included in the entry pass, get close up to lots of Deers in the Deer Park. Both Indoor and Outdoor play areas so plenty to do even if its raining. They also had a Pedal Go Kart Track for the slightly older children, but also a separate ride on toy area for the younger ones. Lots of picnic areas and tables. The Adventure play area was great fun for the children, but what we all liked the best and enjoyed as a family was the giant inflatable jumping pillow.

Take a Picnic or great a hot dog, burger or panini from the Funky Farm Cage.

I believe it’s days out like this that make memories for your children. Having nice weather certainly helps too.

Some great toys discounted up to 50% at The Entertainer

The Entertainer ( has some great Easter Savers up to 50% off. Some of the great offers are below which include deals on play tents, board games, and even have sales on for the outdoor toys which is very popular right now. You’ll need to be quick though as stock levels won’t last long.

kids play tent pink

kids play tent in pink was £29.99 now £14.99 50% off

kids play tent blue

kids play tent in blue - was £29.99 now £14.99 50% off

toy story 3 connect4

toy story 3 connect4 was £15 now £10

snakes and ladders

snakes and ladders was £12 now £6

Don’t forget, when spending over £30 there is free delivery! They also offer Click and Collect service.

Also check out the great outdoor toys by clicking on the banner below:

How to find the best discounts available online in the UK

Almost Every man and his dog are in search of a good discount to help save them money in this current day and age. The Cost of Food, insurances, Fuel and recent tax announcements means that more and more people are seeking out a good deal. With people tightening up the purse strings this has meant that high street retailers have lost income too. Retailers have had to try and get shoppers back in the doors or shopping online. They are now constantly competing with each other and one way they can get consumers shopping more is by using promotional offers such as a discount off the purchase price or free delivery.

Retailers need to alert the consumers about these promotions to get them shopping again. A Great method is to use well known Voucher Codes websites to find the retailers latest promotions. This can be time consuming process as there are now so many websites offering this service. Some sites have promotions added by members of the public whether this is through them using it before, trawling the internet and then sharing it with others or being sent it exclusively from the retailer for a one time use. The problem with these sites are that more often than not the discount codes might not work.

Most people will use a search engine and will have already found a product or retailer that they will be searching for, depending on how far they are in the buying chain. Shoppers are becoming more savvy and will find the best price for a product then search around for a good deal. But also there are a percentage of shoppers that will stick with trusted retailers such as John Lewis for many products because of their reputation and the brand.

It’s quite simple to find codes in any search engine simply lookup the retailers name and voucher code as the keywords. For example you can search for Dixons Voucher Codes and you will get a list of sites relevant to your search. Most of these sites offer the same thing. Some will have easier to find, be more up to date than others. Most sites will hide the code so that they can get the last click to the merchants retailer. This is a way to track the sale and reward the codes site with some commission.

I own and run a successful website offering shoppers thousands of active Voucher Codes and promotional offers updated on a daily basis. We currently have a great range of Dixons voucher codes to help save you money when shopping for electrical products online.

My top tips on how to find the best discounts available online in the UK are:

  1. Search using quotes for example “Dixons voucher codes”
  2. Watch out for sites that allow members to update the codes, they may not work and to save time use websites like that work direct with the retailers
  3. Look out for Free Delivery Offers. Sometimes these can get you a bigger saving than using a code for 5% off, depending on the price of delivery and the discount amount
  4. Check the code or offer expiry date.
  5. You may also want to try the code as it may be that the code expiry date hasn’t been extended on the Voucher site but the merchant has extended the promotional offer.

Easter deals on Toys from The Entertainer

Easter Savers at The Entertainer

The Entertainer are having a sale on childrens toys starting tomorrow!

Moshi Monsters Talking Katsuma Moshi Soft Toy was £15 now £11.25
25% off all Moshi Monsters Talking Soft Toys
Moshi Monsters Talking Katsuma Moshi Soft Toy at The Entertainer

Zoobles Single Pack was £6 now £4.50 25% off
Zoobles Single Pack at The Entertainer

Zoobles Twobles was £10 now £7.50 25% off
Zoobles Twobles at The Entertainer

Lalaloopsy Peanut Big Top Doll was £25 now £18.75 25% off all Lalaloopsy
Lalaloopsy Peanut Big Top Doll at The Entertainer

Mega Bloks Hello Kitty Flower Shop Playset was £20 now £15 25% off all Hello Kitty Mega Bloks
Mega Bloks Hello Kitty Flower Shop Playset at The Entertainer

Paper Jamz Rock Guitar 5 was £25 now £15 Save £10 on all Paper Jamz Guitars
Paper Jamz Guitars at The Entertainer

Hornby Toy Story 3 Electric Train Set was £70 now £34.99 50% off
Hornby Toy Story 3 Electric Train Set at The Entertainer

VTech Storio Rapunzel was £18 now £13.50 25% off all VTech Storio Games
VTech Storio Rapunzel at The Entertainer

VTech MobiGo Penguins: Mission Madness was £18 now £13.50 25% off all VTech MobiGo Games
VTech MobiGo Penguins: Mission Madness at The Entertainer

V.Smile V-Motion Thomas & Friends – Engines Working Together was £16 now £12
25% off all VTech V.Smile Motion Games
V.Smile V-Motion Thomas & Friends - Engines Working Together at The Entertainer

In the Night Garden – Talking Plush Upsy Daisy £16
Free Gardening Bag (worth £15) when you buy any In The Night Garden Talking Plush.
(both must be added to basket for promotion to apply)
In the Night Garden - Talking Plush Upsy Daisy at The Entertainer

In the Night Garden Gardening Bag Set £15
Free Gardening Bag (worth £15) when you buy any In The Night Garden Talking Plush.
(both must be added to basket for promotion to apply)
In the Night Garden Gardening Bag Set at The Entertainer

Hello Kitty 3 Wheel Scooter was £25 now £18.75 25% off
Hello Kitty 3 Wheel Scooter at The Entertainer

>> Many more Easter Savers can be found here <<

Also as an added bonus, when you spend over £30 online there is free delivery! The Entertainer offer a Click and Collect service too.

81% discount on LOVEFiLM

grouponGroupon the huge bulk buying website has an amazing deal on LOVEFiLM subscription which has just started. You will get a discount of 81% off the normal price of £44.97 and only pay £9. This is for 3 months of unlimited DVD and Game rental including unlimited streaming. Sometimes there is nothing better than just chilling out and watching a great movie. Especially after you’ve had a busy day with the kids for some adult time.

This offer is available between 30 – 31.03.11 so hurry before it’s too late!


New Voucher Website Coming Soon

As some of you may know I run a couple of promotional type websites to help people find the best deals or voucher codes online. The main one being which I recent acquired and have been promoting. Well I’ve been having some issues with Website Hosting. This is a pain in the backside when my site is down or slow as it will detract visitors away from my site and I’ll loose sales. So I’ve decided to purchase a new brandable domain name called This goes great with this money saving blog which I promise will get a lot more updates soon. There has just been so much going on recently (without making too many excuses). The site isn’t up yet or developed as I’m in the process of finding some decent reliable website hosting from a new company. I’ve been asking for opinions from my fellow Affiliate Marketers.

With the new site, I’ve got ideas to try and set my Voucher Code site apart from any other site. So watch this space when I blog about the launch or any new features. Be the first to know about this and benefit from not only big savings but some fantastic features. You’ll not want to use any other site! I’m not going to give away anything just yet, you’ll just have to wait.

Saving Money with a more sensible Car

Recently I have traded in my 3 year old Golf GT Sport for a new Golf. The old Golf was purchased at the beginning of our 1st childs life. It was a comprimise from the usual sporty car I like to drive, but I said to myself I need to be more responsible now. So 3 years ago we opted for the Golf GT Sport as it was a good deal, honest. It was a Diesel engine and the running costs worked out quite low for something that still had the sporty edge to it. Anyway, the car was great for the 3 years we owned it, but it was time to trade it in for something more economical, especially with the rise in fuel costs.

So now we have opted for a Golf 1.6 TDi BlueMotion, with only £20 tax to pay a year and it’s suppose to do up to 900 miles to the tank, so we thought this would be a good way for us to cut back on the monthly costs. So far we’ve only had this 1 week and it is really nice and smooth to drive. A lot more comfortable than the Sport model and also a lot quieter. We have also got a insurance quote for when it renews in a couple of weeks time and this will save us about £200 a year. This is really good considering insurance has gone up with inflation and tax rises. The mpg isn’t as good as the book says but hey when is it ever, saying that most of the driving that its being used for at the moment is around town so we are bound to get less miles to the gallon.

This car will go to my wife as she needs to have the more reliable car. The extra benefits of trading our old car in meant we didn’t have to worry about getting the car MOT’d, taxed, serviced, new tyres etc. We now have a new car with free servicing, really low tax, economical and is spacious enough for our little family right now.

I can hear some people saying bore off get a proper car, but when times are tight you have to make cutbacks. Who’s the smart one hey!