Busy time for Frugal Daddy

Updates to this blog have been affected recently, but don’t worry. I will bring more of the best deals on the Internet soon. I’ve just been tied up with sorting out a new car, getting some financial advice, having our house valued, spending time with the family and also sorting out some of my part time business.

The new car I pick up today. Its a Golf 1.6 TDi Match Bluemotion Tech and is supposed to do about 900 miles to the tank. The tax will only cost me £20 per year and I won’t have to worry about servicing costs or maintenance. I’m hoping the savings from the fuel will help out with our monthly budget and also with petrol and diesel prices at stupidly high prices when most of it is tax winds me up. So if I can use little or less fuel then I’ll feel better knowing I’m not wasting as much. Plus my wife gets a nice new car which will hopefully be reliable. As long as my wife are kids are safe and comfortable then I’m happy.

We also had a visit from an IFA which was referred to from a friend. He was very good and has made us look at our finances again as we have been quite ruthless at times. Obviously you have to live and enjoy life, but still it all helps if we can cut back and make sacrifices in other ways to help make the most of the things we want out of life.

Having our house valued was for peace of mind. We wanted to check the value of the house as it is now to see if we had lost any money with the recession. The estate agent valued it the same as when we brought it about 3 years ago back before the recession started. We were also asking about the value if we were to add a conservatory or extension to the backup of the kitchen. We desperately want that extra space and family room but its certainly not a necessity right now. One day soon maybe!

The last 2 weeks has been quite stressful. I have been in business with 2 guys I’ve been working with for the last 2 years on several websites. We have all agreed to go our own separate ways. The main reason for this was so that we could do the hours we wanted when we wanted without either one of us feeling the pressure to do more or less because the others have put in more or less work. We have managed to separate our business and each come out with something that we would like to take forward. So it was very amicable I’m glad to say. So I am now the owner of Voucher Codes UK. A lot of work has gone into our sites and this one in particular was one that I wanted to spend more time focusing on. Over the coming months I will be promoting this, working with more and more UK online retailers to try and get the best offers and Voucher Codes to help UK Internet shoppers save money online. It always surprises me the amount of people I speak to that still don’t know about Voucher Codes, Restaurant Vouchers or even Cashback. I can usually always save them more money than then shopping around. This is why I go into these sites being a Frugal Daddy I like to help people save money.

Last by by no means least, I always try and make time for spending with my family. They are my life, why I go to work and why I put in the extra hours running several other websites.

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