Cherish those special moments

My daughter comes home from Preschool and quite often she will bring some drawings or paintings from what she has done that day. It’s nice to know that she is having a good time and she tells us this is one of her favourite things to do. However those little drawings can clutter up our kitchen and so we end up binning most of these. Sorry Molly if you are reading this when you have grown up a bit. We do love your drawings and hope you will understand that we can’t keep them all. We do however put the odd couple on the Fridge and replace with better ones as and when.

Maybe I’ve just found the answer. I will take photos of your drawings and keep these as a memory of your earlier years to Cherish those special moments when you were little enough to still want cuddles, still be dependant on Mummy and Daddy and generally just so cute.

I have also decided that I will put up the odd special drawing, painting or even hand printed art onto this blog so that I can look at this when I’m at work or away from home to put a massive smile on my face and can keep for years to come.

So here is the first installment of Molly’s special moments that I want to cherish. We love you lots Molly and you are the best daughter in the whole wide world.

molly hand print

Better than sending your picture into the BBC for them to not display it on CBeebies hey!

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