Credit Card Switching to avoid too much charges

Switching Credit Cards can help you avoid paying over the odds when it comes to borrowing money. We usually switch to 0% cards near the end of the term but one of our recent cards has run out and because we had to use it for the odd purchase here and there, we noticed the bank is now going to charge us for borrowing this money as our initial period where it was 0% run out. We didn’t realise so now we are looking at switching to another 0% card.

Switching can save you lots of money but you have to be careful who you switch to and how many times you apply for other cards otherwise you will affect your credit rating. 1 tip would be is to make sure the card provider isn’t the same as the one you are switching or already have other existing cards with. Make sure you close down the old cards that are no longer in use. Always look for Instant Decision Credit Cards as then you will find out before going through the main credit checks.

I am not one for wanting to borrow money and putting it on the credit card but tough times mean it becomes difficult to afford just everyday things. That isn’t to say we go without the odd treat, like a nice meal out, the odd weekend away or a nice new toy for my birthday. My wife brought me an iPad and I must say I’m getting my use out of it. Hey you’ve gotta live right. We usually set up a direct debit to pay off a monthly amount so that the debt doesn’t continue to build up. So I’ve been looking around for a new card to transfer my balance over too and I found some which now offer Instant Approval Credit Cards which is great as you can find out almost straight away if you will get accepted or not. This is generally worked out on your income but is very useful to save applying for loads of other cards that might not accept you and then this can have a negative effort on your credit score.

As Christmas is less than 100 days away, Got both Kids birthdays coming up in November with Joshua turning 2 and Molly turning 4, there will be more expense with their birthday parties and presents.

I’d better get more frugal so that I can pay off the debt before the 0% runs out.

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