Going ‘Up North to see the Family

As its Mothers Day this Sunday and My old mans birthday very soon and My niece’s birthday on the 22nd March we are traveling up to see my folks, my sister and her kids.

It’s a long old Journey and we have to cram all those gifts as well as our overnight luggage into the car, plus all the toys the kids want to take with them.

The kids love seeing their Nana and Pop pops as they are know and its also nice for us to see them and catch up. We don’t get to see them that often so its a worthwhile trip.

My wife and I have been discussing recently about getting a bigger car because of these long trips and because we struggle with the space when we do trips to the airport or UK short breaks such as Centre Parcs. So hopefully we’ll soon be getting a bigger car, maybe a cross over or mpv.

We recently brought a Portable DVD Player to keep the kids entertained on these long journeys and it has been money well spent.

Anyone recommend any new cars that are bigger than a golf, cheap to run and maintain so good fuel economy but plenty of space for our luggage, toys and anything else we wish to throw in the back. We may even go for a 7-seater so we can chuck the grandparents in the 2 back seats when we go away with them!