Investing can be an alternative to Saving

Savings accounts at the moment are almost a waste of time. Why should I put my money in an account to only get a couple of percent interest. Investing into bonds could be an alternative as you although you don’t tend to get any interest, the bonds could be a nice little payout if you win. Investing in Property is also another way to make use of that cash lying around, that’s if you have loads of cash.

As I have been investing in domain names recently to buy and sell off for profit which really helps to top up my income and allow my wife to not have to return to work, I’ve decided to invest into commodities such as gold. You can sell gold for cash and with gold prices at an all time high at the moment why not hey. Although its not the usual investment, its still an investment in domains, well a website actually. I recently purchased a website that had what I believe some potential to make a nice passive income from. Although it has cost me to buy the website off the previous owner it has allowed me to put that money lying around into something that I think will get my investment back in hopefully a short space of time and also make me a nice amount of money. The other benefit I find when investing in websites and domains is the value in the domains can be in demand to end users for much more money if I was to sell off at a later date.

How do you invest your savings, any tips, please leave your comments below