I’ve brought a brand new set of wheels

After being frugal for many years, I’ve decided that I don’t treat myself enough, so I went out and brought me a brand new BMW 4 series. I had my eye on this motor for several months and my wife’s car finance was up for renewal. So we both agreed we would trade her older car in for my new beemer. So I’ve traded in a Nissan Qashqai family car for a 2 door coupe! mid life crisis or what!

Being a Frugal Dad has helped me to manage my money and allow me the luxury to buy a new car. Also having several websites which bring in additional income every month also helps. In fact the upgrade from the Qashqai to the BMW hasn’t cost much more on our monthly payments. I could have some savings to buy the car but decided with interest rates being so low I would use the car finance so that we have savings for a rainy day.

I’m now on the hunt for some upgrades for my car. I want to make my car look unique so that it’s not entirely the same as every other car on the road. Some people will think I’m crazy to spend so much money on a car, but this is one of my passions. So I plan to get a new rear bumper, called a diffuser, some black kidney grills and a 2nd set of bmw alloy wheels from alloywheelfinder.com for the winter.

Here is a picture of my new car. Hope you like it!

my bmw 440