Mother’s Day – Have you left it too late?

First of all Mother’s Day seems to have come around very quick this year. It seems early, and in fact it’s only a week earlier than last year here in the UK.

Here is a useful table of the mothers day dates to help you remember for years to come. Actually its to help me 🙂

Year Mothering Sunday (brits) Mothers Day (yanks)
2011 April 3 May 8
2012 March 18 May 13
2013 March 10 May 12
2014 March 30 May 11
2015 March 15 May 10
2016 March 6 May 8

Last year I remember seeing lots of tweets around May time for Mothers Day. I had to question myself. Basically my wife almost celebrated 2 mothers day. She will tell you my short term memory is pretty rubbish!

if you are looking for last minute mother’s day gifts then your best bet is to get a bunch of flowers. I know it may seem a bit boring to get the same type of gift, but you can’t go wrong. As a man, my wife has mentioned in the past ‘I’m not really that fussed’ about flowers, only to find out a few years later that I was wrong. I was being tested and she now tells me she does like flowers.

I ordered some flowers for my Mum the other night from They have a really nice range. The only glitch I had which made me panic for a moment was the flowers I wanted couldn’t be delivered in time for that special day this coming Sunday. Luckily enough for me I was able to choose another nice bunch which did allow delivery for the Sunday. A bit odd but hey ho!

If you can’t afford to buy anything then the best gift to any mum will be to make sure they just don’t have to lift a finger and can enjoy a relaxing day while you take care of the kids, tidying up, cooking and any other chores. Just give them a big cuddle, breakfast in bed and they will be happy.

Some Random Mother’s Day facts for you, courtesy of James Murray from Hitwise

Mothers day stats

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