New Voucher Code Site almost ready

Frugal Daddy has been busy working hard building a new Voucher Code site called Voucher Daddy! Goes nicely with this blog. The site does exactly what it says on the tin and is the Daddy of all Voucher Codes.

If you are looking for Voucher Codes at any UK retailer that offers Voucher Codes (aka Discount Codes or Promotional Codes) then you should visit I’ve tried to make the site as user friendly as possible so that the visitors searching for specific merchant voucher codes can find them easily. Also to make it clear when codes or deals expire, not displaying expired codes like other sites just trying to gain that extra click through to the merchant. Hopefully this USP will set my site apart from the hundreds of other sites out there. If a code is not available on my site, then the likelyhood is it’s not going to be available elsewhere. If its not available you can sign up to receive an e-mail as soon as there are any codes or deals from that specific merchant.

I’ve been getting some content written for me as I simply don’t have the time with doing code and design modifications to the site. I’ve received my first batch and so far I’m very happy. Thanks Kirstin, great job.

I’ve also created a Travel Deals section to display the deals and codes available from all the latest travel retailers such as Alpharooms, Thomas Cook, Expedia and more. As the site is fairly new, I’m still adding more merchants every day. I should have all merchants available on the site within a month or 2.

If you are looking for a voucher code for any specific merchant and its not currently on the site, then please do let me know as I will try and find you one, if none available for your chosen merchant, I will go and find other related merchants deals or codes. Often it might get you a better deal this way as I can usually find better discounts. Please post any requests for codes onto the Voucher Daddy Facebook Page here.

In the future I have plans to offer member rewards. I will also be doing competitions.

I hope you like the site and it saves you money when shopping online.

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