New Year and time for a new web project

As you may have noticed I don’t tend to blog that often on here. Mostly when I want to promote a new website, but when I do I hope to provide something useful to help people save money generally. However this time, my new web project isn’t about saving money, its about helping people learning something new, putting a smile on peoples faces. I have decided to setup a website about Random Facts and post daily with interesting, weird, fun, cool and mostly random facts and hopefully stuff that you will not have seen before.

toprandomfacts.comThere is way too much negative stuff these days, with the economy, people out of work, sad news and bad press that I want to liven up the online atmosphere and provide something that will make people happy and laugh. After all don’t they say laughter is the best medicine and all that!!

So head over to my new website here:

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If you have seen a fact and would like to share it and join the social community then please get in touch. We will be promoting this heavily over the next few months so watch this space.