Save Money on a New set of Golf Clubs this summer

If you are like me, you tend to play golf when the weather is nice. I’m a seasonal Golfer and if I’m lucky I’ll play more than a few times a year. It is difficult with a young family trying to find the time since a day out at the Golf course is exactly that… a day out. It takes up so much time. Getting around 19 holes (18 on the golf course and the 19th in the clubhouse) can take a good 4-5 hours.

I recently was looking for a new set of clubs and as I don’t play that often I didn’t want to fork out loads on a brand new set. Golf sets can be very expensive, so I found this neat site which sells both new and used golf clubs for sale online at discount prices here. They have a huge selection and I must have spent a couple of hours browsing through every possible golf model available as their was just so much choice.

I’ve now put it on my birthday list and will see if I’m lucky enough to get them! I opted for a used set of Nike Clubs. I didn’t go with Ping since they are mostly custom fit to you, and a bit more expensive. I also liked Titleist but thought Nike suited me best because I am a bit of an amateur golfer!

If you are looking for a set of decent golf clubs, irons, drivers etc then I’d definitely recommend you check out

Before now I’ve been using a 2nd hand set that I brought off my brother in law about 10 years ago. They’ve lasted me very well and before that I had my Dad’s old clubs. You can safely say I don’t mind having peoples left overs!