Saving Money with a more sensible Car

Recently I have traded in my 3 year old Golf GT Sport for a new Golf. The old Golf was purchased at the beginning of our 1st childs life. It was a comprimise from the usual sporty car I like to drive, but I said to myself I need to be more responsible now. So 3 years ago we opted for the Golf GT Sport as it was a good deal, honest. It was a Diesel engine and the running costs worked out quite low for something that still had the sporty edge to it. Anyway, the car was great for the 3 years we owned it, but it was time to trade it in for something more economical, especially with the rise in fuel costs.

So now we have opted for a Golf 1.6 TDi BlueMotion, with only £20 tax to pay a year and it’s suppose to do up to 900 miles to the tank, so we thought this would be a good way for us to cut back on the monthly costs. So far we’ve only had this 1 week and it is really nice and smooth to drive. A lot more comfortable than the Sport model and also a lot quieter. We have also got a insurance quote for when it renews in a couple of weeks time and this will save us about £200 a year. This is really good considering insurance has gone up with inflation and tax rises. The mpg isn’t as good as the book says but hey when is it ever, saying that most of the driving that its being used for at the moment is around town so we are bound to get less miles to the gallon.

This car will go to my wife as she needs to have the more reliable car. The extra benefits of trading our old car in meant we didn’t have to worry about getting the car MOT’d, taxed, serviced, new tyres etc. We now have a new car with free servicing, really low tax, economical and is spacious enough for our little family right now.

I can hear some people saying bore off get a proper car, but when times are tight you have to make cutbacks. Who’s the smart one hey!

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