Sit Back ,Relax, & See the Returns

The Internet has revolutionised our lives. Using the world wide web you can book a holiday, buy shoes or even make a whole new virtual life, if you have a mind to. The Internet has also changed the way we can earn and is a gateway to a world of money making schemes. From being able to sell samsung galaxy s, to selling your talents or even flogging your old clothes, there are a variety of easy and quick ways to earn extra money.

Sell your stuff

It may not sound like a particularly inspiring way of making money, but clearing your house of clutter can actually help you to earn some quick money. In amongst all the broken toys and torn clothes, you might actually find a few things of value. Anything that you have that you think might be worth a bit you can list on online auction sites. It’s very simple to put your things up on sites like ebay and the cost is minimal.

Vintage clothing sells particularly well, as do old records. However, if you find any electronics that you want to sell, it’s a good idea to try specialist sites, where you’ll probably find a better deal. If you’re selling an old phone then the best place to try is on an online phone recycling scheme, which can pay out a fair amount depending on the age and condition of your model.

Sell your time

In general, filling out a questionnaire form is fairly dull and not something that you’d do by choice. However, the internet has turned even this prosaic pastime into a potential money maker. Paid questionnaire sites include, and

Once you register with one of these sites you’ll start to get questionnaires in your email inbox. Although the money isn’t great, if you spend a lot of your free time diligently filling in the questionnaires you get sent you could stand to earn several hundred pounds a year, either in money or in vouchers.

Sell your talents

The current economic climate is making it harder and harder for people to find work; this is especially true for those without experience, such as those fresh out of university. However, in some professions such as graphic design and copywriting, the internet has made it easy to forge a career path on your own. Sites like, and are designed to make working for yourself easy.

After setting up an account with one of these sites, you’ll become part of an online database that allows you to advertise yourself to would-be employers. If you lack experience you can make yourself more attractive to potential employers by reducing the hourly rate that you would be willing to work for. Once you’ve found a bit of work, finding more becomes easy, so you can sit back, relax and wait for employers to find you.