Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas 2012

If you are like me, you leave Christmas shopping right until the last minute. Planning ahead helps when you decide you want to buy all your presents on Xmas eve. Below are some Christmas Ideas which might help you plan and where best to buy these gifts.

It doesn’t matter who you are buying for, sometimes it can be difficult to come up with fresh unique ideas. Below are a few ideas to help you out:

Slipper Socks
hello kitty moccasin slipper socksSocks are one of those gifts that most people expect to get at Christmas, so why not break that habit and get that person some slipper socks instead. They are suitable for both Men and Women and even children too. They won’t break the bank and are a nice cosy gift, like pyjamas which you may look forward to wearing while watching those Christmas movies. Need an extra idea to fill your children’s stocking then we found these hello kitty slipper socks online.

Where to get them – goto slippersocks.org.uk

Monopoly Millionaire
monopoly millionaireA classic game with a twist. Monopoly has become a household name as so many people own the original board game. This game has a unique selling point and we think it will be a hit this Xmas. Basically the first to win a million wins.

Where to buy – we found amazon had the best price listed here at £13.99

Afternoon Tea for Two
Enjoy a bit of luxury once in a while. Need a break from the kids in the new year. How about Afternoon Tea at Harrods. Something a little different and a nice surprise for your partner. It’s always a nice treat to go up to London. Look out for deals as there are often so good offers available.

Where to buy – buyagift.co.uk are offering Afternoon Tea for 2 at Harrods for only £58 with a best price guarantee

Novelty Sports Golf Balls
novelty golf ballsMost Dads love golf and golf gifts, so why buy them something different when its what they’ll like. How about getting some of these bright novelty golf balls. Perfect for those sports fans.

Where to buy – GettingPersonal.co.uk price £9.99 only

Personalised Teddy Bear
personalised teddyNo matter how old you are sometimes you will never grow to old for teddies. Not me, but I know someone very close who still likes to snuggle with some teddies. Our daughter loves them and now has a huge collection, so large we are going to have to move out of our double room and share her single bedroom so she can have it!!

GettingPersonal.co.uk have some lovely teddies that can be personalised here. Price is £22.99 but what a perfect gift.

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