Waitrose Food Shopping delivery – No going back says the wife

waitrose food deliveryMy wife recently decided that she wanted to try out Waitrose for online food shopping, not sure if she was trying to be more faithful to her new employer John Lewis or not. Anyway we took delivery of our first Waitrose Food Shopping Delivery yesterday and now the Wife says there is no going back!!! Although we haven’t had a bad experience using others like Tesco and Sainsbury’s and their is food we like from both stores and Tesco generally being cheaper doesn’t always make for better quality foods, such as the fresh meat you get, half the time you have to throw away a quarter of the meat because its so poor. Anyway we knew the food was good at Waitrose but have been always put off because its generally more expensive. Well not in our case it seems. Our weekly shopping bill came in about £10 less than we usually spend, the delivery was free. They turned up at 4pm when our slot was 4pm – 6pm so we didn’t have to hang around. The delivery guy was dressed smart and well spoken and generally very helpful explaining everything. This seems to be true to everyone that works for John Lewis and Waitrose that the portrait a great company to work for. We even got a Welcome Pack. The Shopping was put into specific bags so you knew which was Fridge, Freezer or Cupboard items, even the bill was easy to read.

Since my Wife has started working for John Lewis she has given great feedback about the staff, the people she works with and the processes. There is no wander loads of people would like to work there and also why People love shopping there too. Well done John Lewis/Waitrose. You’ve gained a new loyal Customer and potentially life longer employee in my wife. She is happy so far which makes me happy. What also makes me happy is the discount we’ll get on groceries and at JohnLewis.com. Can’t wait!!

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