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New Voucher Code Site almost ready

Frugal Daddy has been busy working hard building a new Voucher Code site called Voucher Daddy! Goes nicely with this blog. The site does exactly what it says on the tin and is the Daddy of all Voucher Codes.

If you are looking for Voucher Codes at any UK retailer that offers Voucher Codes (aka Discount Codes or Promotional Codes) then you should visit I’ve tried to make the site as user friendly as possible so that the visitors searching for specific merchant voucher codes can find them easily. Also to make it clear when codes or deals expire, not displaying expired codes like other sites just trying to gain that extra click through to the merchant. Hopefully this USP will set my site apart from the hundreds of other sites out there. If a code is not available on my site, then the likelyhood is it’s not going to be available elsewhere. If its not available you can sign up to receive an e-mail as soon as there are any codes or deals from that specific merchant.

I’ve been getting some content written for me as I simply don’t have the time with doing code and design modifications to the site. I’ve received my first batch and so far I’m very happy. Thanks Kirstin, great job.

I’ve also created a Travel Deals section to display the deals and codes available from all the latest travel retailers such as Alpharooms, Thomas Cook, Expedia and more. As the site is fairly new, I’m still adding more merchants every day. I should have all merchants available on the site within a month or 2.

If you are looking for a voucher code for any specific merchant and its not currently on the site, then please do let me know as I will try and find you one, if none available for your chosen merchant, I will go and find other related merchants deals or codes. Often it might get you a better deal this way as I can usually find better discounts. Please post any requests for codes onto the Voucher Daddy Facebook Page here.

In the future I have plans to offer member rewards. I will also be doing competitions.

I hope you like the site and it saves you money when shopping online.

We all live at Bucklebury Farm E I E I O

If you have Kids, you must Go E I E I O!!

My wife and I took the Kids to Bucklebury Farm Park in Bucklebury Village (in between Reading and Newbury) at the weekend and had a great time. Josh tractor

Having days out doesn’t have to be expensive too. A Family day pass costs £26.50, however I got out my VoucherCloud App and found a half price on family tickets so it only cost us £13.25, plus a few ice creams.

There is plenty for all the family including feeding the farm animals such as Goats, Pigs, Lambs, Donkeys. Go on the Tractor Ride which is included in the entry pass, get close up to lots of Deers in the Deer Park. Both Indoor and Outdoor play areas so plenty to do even if its raining. They also had a Pedal Go Kart Track for the slightly older children, but also a separate ride on toy area for the younger ones. Lots of picnic areas and tables. The Adventure play area was great fun for the children, but what we all liked the best and enjoyed as a family was the giant inflatable jumping pillow.

Take a Picnic or great a hot dog, burger or panini from the Funky Farm Cage.

I believe it’s days out like this that make memories for your children. Having nice weather certainly helps too.

New Voucher Website Coming Soon

As some of you may know I run a couple of promotional type websites to help people find the best deals or voucher codes online. The main one being which I recent acquired and have been promoting. Well I’ve been having some issues with Website Hosting. This is a pain in the backside when my site is down or slow as it will detract visitors away from my site and I’ll loose sales. So I’ve decided to purchase a new brandable domain name called This goes great with this money saving blog which I promise will get a lot more updates soon. There has just been so much going on recently (without making too many excuses). The site isn’t up yet or developed as I’m in the process of finding some decent reliable website hosting from a new company. I’ve been asking for opinions from my fellow Affiliate Marketers.

With the new site, I’ve got ideas to try and set my Voucher Code site apart from any other site. So watch this space when I blog about the launch or any new features. Be the first to know about this and benefit from not only big savings but some fantastic features. You’ll not want to use any other site! I’m not going to give away anything just yet, you’ll just have to wait.

Saving Money with a more sensible Car

Recently I have traded in my 3 year old Golf GT Sport for a new Golf. The old Golf was purchased at the beginning of our 1st childs life. It was a comprimise from the usual sporty car I like to drive, but I said to myself I need to be more responsible now. So 3 years ago we opted for the Golf GT Sport as it was a good deal, honest. It was a Diesel engine and the running costs worked out quite low for something that still had the sporty edge to it. Anyway, the car was great for the 3 years we owned it, but it was time to trade it in for something more economical, especially with the rise in fuel costs.

So now we have opted for a Golf 1.6 TDi BlueMotion, with only £20 tax to pay a year and it’s suppose to do up to 900 miles to the tank, so we thought this would be a good way for us to cut back on the monthly costs. So far we’ve only had this 1 week and it is really nice and smooth to drive. A lot more comfortable than the Sport model and also a lot quieter. We have also got a insurance quote for when it renews in a couple of weeks time and this will save us about £200 a year. This is really good considering insurance has gone up with inflation and tax rises. The mpg isn’t as good as the book says but hey when is it ever, saying that most of the driving that its being used for at the moment is around town so we are bound to get less miles to the gallon.

This car will go to my wife as she needs to have the more reliable car. The extra benefits of trading our old car in meant we didn’t have to worry about getting the car MOT’d, taxed, serviced, new tyres etc. We now have a new car with free servicing, really low tax, economical and is spacious enough for our little family right now.

I can hear some people saying bore off get a proper car, but when times are tight you have to make cutbacks. Who’s the smart one hey!

Busy time for Frugal Daddy

Updates to this blog have been affected recently, but don’t worry. I will bring more of the best deals on the Internet soon. I’ve just been tied up with sorting out a new car, getting some financial advice, having our house valued, spending time with the family and also sorting out some of my part time business.

The new car I pick up today. Its a Golf 1.6 TDi Match Bluemotion Tech and is supposed to do about 900 miles to the tank. The tax will only cost me £20 per year and I won’t have to worry about servicing costs or maintenance. I’m hoping the savings from the fuel will help out with our monthly budget and also with petrol and diesel prices at stupidly high prices when most of it is tax winds me up. So if I can use little or less fuel then I’ll feel better knowing I’m not wasting as much. Plus my wife gets a nice new car which will hopefully be reliable. As long as my wife are kids are safe and comfortable then I’m happy.

We also had a visit from an IFA which was referred to from a friend. He was very good and has made us look at our finances again as we have been quite ruthless at times. Obviously you have to live and enjoy life, but still it all helps if we can cut back and make sacrifices in other ways to help make the most of the things we want out of life.

Having our house valued was for peace of mind. We wanted to check the value of the house as it is now to see if we had lost any money with the recession. The estate agent valued it the same as when we brought it about 3 years ago back before the recession started. We were also asking about the value if we were to add a conservatory or extension to the backup of the kitchen. We desperately want that extra space and family room but its certainly not a necessity right now. One day soon maybe!

The last 2 weeks has been quite stressful. I have been in business with 2 guys I’ve been working with for the last 2 years on several websites. We have all agreed to go our own separate ways. The main reason for this was so that we could do the hours we wanted when we wanted without either one of us feeling the pressure to do more or less because the others have put in more or less work. We have managed to separate our business and each come out with something that we would like to take forward. So it was very amicable I’m glad to say. So I am now the owner of Voucher Codes UK. A lot of work has gone into our sites and this one in particular was one that I wanted to spend more time focusing on. Over the coming months I will be promoting this, working with more and more UK online retailers to try and get the best offers and Voucher Codes to help UK Internet shoppers save money online. It always surprises me the amount of people I speak to that still don’t know about Voucher Codes, Restaurant Vouchers or even Cashback. I can usually always save them more money than then shopping around. This is why I go into these sites being a Frugal Daddy I like to help people save money.

Last by by no means least, I always try and make time for spending with my family. They are my life, why I go to work and why I put in the extra hours running several other websites.

LOVEFiLM bring online streaming to Playstation 3

ps3 lovefilmLOVEFiLM offer a great video rental service and now they are offering online services as well as free movie streaming to your PS3 providing you are on the £5.99 monthly (No games) subscription or above. Obviously you’ll need to own a PS3 games console, subscribe to LOVEFiLM and have a decent enough broadband connection to enjoy this offer. I can see Sky and Virgin Media lowering their prices otherwise they may lose out on those Film Upgraded packages.

You can view more about this deal over at LOVEFiLM here –

My First Post as Frugal Daddy

Hello and welcome to Frugal Daddy, My name is Gary Yeardley and I decided to setup this blog to help you find the best deals online to save you money. Whether you are on a budget or just don’t want to pay full price for luxury items, we aim to help you save lots of money from the latest discount codes, retailer offers, restaurant vouchers, best cashback deals, freebies, competitions, money saving tips and more. There are thousands of money saving sites out there and most of them that I come across can be quite hard to find what you are looking for in the mass of deals they have. Not always will they be the best deals. I aim to bring you only the best most popular deals and money saving tips and tools online to help you save money.