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Soap has gone in my eyes Daddy – Problem Solved

I just found this Genius idea of a product that solves a common problem in my household and I’m sure it will help other parents who have children that moan about having their hair washed.

splash guard

It’s called the Splash Guard. It looks a little like a pretty dustpan that fits around the forehead of your child. Apparently you need to make sure to hold it in a downward angle and not like a baseball cap as someone in the Amazon reviews stated!

I’m sure my wife will purchase one of these as soon as she reads this blog post! Maybe I should have kept quiet so she doesn’t spend any more money. Although this will benefit us as a family as the kids will no longer winge and it will help speed up shower times.

Click to visit Amazon I will get a few pence if you purchase via this link so please do 😉

Learn from Your Mum how to save and make money

I wanted to share with my readers this interesting story that impressed me the other day.

I was speaking to my Mum the other night on the phone (she lives about 180 miles away from me unfortunately) and she was telling me about her recent eBay antics. She only started using a computer recently and has been doing some eBaying for a short while. She gets my Dad to take the pictures and help post the items for sale.

Recently she brought a designer handbag for only £15 off another eBay seller. She brought the item as she knew that if she didn’t sell it that she’d be happy to keep it. Think of her as the Imelda Marcos of handbags!!

She had already owned a similar designer handbag before and had kept the labels. The handbag that she brought looked brand new but didn’t have the labels.

She then decided to list it for sale, choosing to do this on the Free listing weekend so she didn’t have to pay any listing fees. She set the starting price at £29 thinking at least she would get her money back and profit if it sold. Bidding started and it went for nearly £70. I know its not a massive amount but over 4 times her initial investment with a little bit of her time. Lord Sugar would be proud! Well if he’s not I know I am.

My mum has taught me a lot in life and she still keeps on impressing me to this day. In the past she has saved up her eBay profits and used it on the grandchildren which is lovely and we thank her for it. We only hopes she treats herself too!

I hope this post inspires you, as it did me. Got anything to sell, then head over to now