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How You Can Save This Christmas

Each and every year people are forced in to worrying about how they can afford to buy presents for all of their loved ones, ranging from parents to children. It’s usually difficult for families to have the extra money to buy gifts in the months coming up towards Christmas, but nowadays the situation has got even worse. With the global recession affecting just about everyone these days, with people getting less wages along with more taxes and higher bills to pay, it’s not unusual for some of us to not look forward to Christmas.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case. You’d probably be surprised when you see the savings that you can make by using sites like No matter what gifts you’re looking for, ranging from large presents like televisions to small presents like earrings, you’ll always have the option to save some money when you need to buy a gift for someone this Christmas. There’s so many retailers that are listed on the site like ASOS, Argos and Tesco (just to mention a few!) so you’ll be spoiled with choice when you’re shopping at Discount Monster. You might be asking yourself why companies like these would want to give consumers a reduction in the price of their products, but the answer is simple really; not many people actually know about them and therefore not many people use them. So, make sure you’re part of the smart shoppers who aren’t afraid to spend an extra minute or two to save themselves a small fortune.

Discount Monster updates the site daily in order to make sure that you, the consumer, gets the most value for their money. They update the discount code/voucher list every day so you don’t have to use any other site! You might not think that the odd 2% off code etc. makes that much difference, but the average consumer saves roughly £500+ each year by using sites like Discount Monster. There’s very little work involved to save this amount of money too, all you need to do is : Search for a keyword or shop name in the search bar at the top of the site, click “reveal” to see all of the discount codes available for that specific retailer and finally copy the code and paste it in to the site that you’re purchasing the product from. It really is as simple as 1,2,3.

Save 30% off at Gap from 3rd-13th March 2011

Gap are having their Spring Sale and are offering 30% off with their latest Voucher.

Click on the link below to print your voucher or see the pdf attached, then redeem
it at any Gap, GapKids, babyGap or Gap Outlet store.

Print your voucher

Gadget Show Robot Race and Voucher Code

I missed this weeks Gadget Show but have it recorded on Sky+ so will be watching that back tonight. The latest show featured a Robot Race to find out which is the fastest robot available in the UK! You can watch it online over at Channel5 here. The click of the Robot race is from 22 to 25 minutes into the recording. I bet you all want one now!

I have received an e-mail recently with a list of Robots and a Conrad Voucher code so I thought I would do a quick post to let all you Robot and gadget geeks know about the recommended robots on Sale at Conrad Electronic.

The Code – 022041-NL
Promotion – £5 discount when you spend £50 or more
Expires – 28-02-2011

Robot Robosapien
Robot Robosapien
The Robosapien from WowWee is an interactive high-tech robot that controls more than 10,000 procedures. He carries out dozens of human movements such as Walking, grasping, dancing, etc. This is ensured by seven servo motors and control electronics It is operated via an infrared remote control. In the “bulldozer” mode, it is in the position to clear away the obstacles on its way and fight free with karate blows. Robosapien has five touch and sound sensors. Moreover, Robosapien also has a typical human behaviour such as yawning, whistling, burping, and other human noises.
Price £48.99

The female analog at Robosapien Femisapien with its elegant operation, the cooled crossbuttock and its charming type with 36 functions makes fast rotation. It has its own language with gesticulation, which underlines the requirements so that every one understands. Moves gracefully at the rhythm of the music. You have 3 different modes (interactive conversion, audio, visual and to learn (Movement run-time can be programmed) and one replay mode,to replay all this.
Price £92.99

Spykee Micro
Spykee Micro
The robot kit Spykee Micro can be moved forwards and around 360 degrees by means of an infrared remote control. Spykee Micro has a height of 14 cm and 4 different sound and light effects. The 20-piece kit can be setup in a few steps and is easy to use.
Price £25.99

Wowwee Robot Joebot English Version
Wowwee Robot Joebot English Version
Use Voice Command Control or his easy-to-operate joystick hands to interact with him! Packed with tons of features, Joebot beatbox’s; tap out a rhythm and he will repeat it perfectly along with a dance! Let him roam freely in Battle Mode and watch him blast obstacles with his hand LEDs you can even square off with him using your own TV remote controller! The LED display also indicates the battery status.
Price £89.99

FlyTech Dragonfly
FlyTech Dragonfly
The FlyTech Dragonfly is a radio-controlled flyer, which can be flown both by beginners as well as professionals depending upon the settings. The ultra-light and crash-proof structure makes the dragonfly a very safe flying device, which can be used without any hazard even in small rooms. The charging of the Dragonfly is done via remote control.
Price £27.99

You are just a click away from people and places with Rovio, which are important for you in knowing what is exactly happening at home or in office. Even if you are at the other end of the world, you can see with the built-in Webcam Rovio and your loved ones at home and can communicate with them. Elders and children can always be in touch and ensure that everything is okay. Rovio is controllable from every part of the world (with Wi-Fi Zugang access) through ( web-compatible equipment-PC or Mac, mobile telephone, Smartphone or PDA or also with game controller).
Price £266.99

WiFi Spy Robot
WiFi Spy Robot
The WiFi Spy Robot observed secretly video calls and plays MP3 files. Control Spykee at home through the apartment and watch the explorations of the robot on the screen. It has a camera, microphone and speakers and can be remote controlled without wire via WLANand Internet and monitor people secretly with the integrated camera. By the WiFi interface, Spykee can also control many thousands of miles away via the Internet. In addition, the Spykee also play music via wireless from a computer hard drive. Spykee The Spy Robot is supplied as a kit with a clear instruction.
Price £195.99

YETI Programmable Mobile Robot
YETI Programmable Mobile Robot
A robot kit for Windows and Linux systems that can be freely programmed in C The “brain” of the robot is a RISC processor. Experiment with movements such as a going, rotating, dancing, etc. It is available as an extensive software library with motion and IR communication routines The YETI robot can be wirelessly programmed with a PC via the supplied duplex/infrared interface. YETI can be easily extended via the IC bus system.
Price £71.99

Great deals at Comet

comet voucherComet are one of the UK’s leading retailers when it comes to electrical goods. The quite often run promotions and great discounts on many product lines such as kitchen appliances, tvs, computers and many more items. The best discounts are the generic ones where you can search for a Comet Discount Code and it not be specific to a product item or have a minimum spend. These are the rarest codes to find. At the moment Comet have a few good voucher codes.

Offer: 5% off all Kitchen And Home products over £250 at Comet
Code: KH250
Expires: 27th January 2011

Offer: 5% off all orders over £200 at Comet
Code: 5200
Expires: 25th January 2011 (be quick expires today)

Offer: 5% off all Apple Macbook and iMac (Excluding iPad) at Comet
Expires: 27th January 2011 Free Delivery Voucher Code


Grab a Free Delivery Code for Next to save you £3.99

Discount: Free Delivery with no minimum spend
Code: l6001
Expires: 03/04/2011
Available at don’t offer Free Delivery so when there is a Voucher Code to get it for Free Delivery to your home then its worth posting about it. Alternatively you can get delivery for Free to your local store but that can often be a hassle. Don’t forget to share with your Friends.