Cheap Alternative to the iPad – Blackberry Playbook Best Price

My wife brought me the IPad 2 almost 1 year ago and it’s great, except that now I don’t even get a look in. She now no longer uses her laptop and chooses to use the IPad instead.

The thought of getting her laptop out, starting it up and listening to the loud fan puts her off. The laptop heats up after a little while and becomes uncomfortable on your lap, so I can see what tablet computing is so much better for just about anything. Play some games that don’t tax your mind so much, check your e-mail, browse the interweb or watch movies. But an IPad comes with a big price tag.

At alternative is the BlackBerry Playbook. It offers a 7 inch screen, HD front and rear cameras. Today I found the best price for blackberry playbook starting at £129.99 at PC World, discounted by £270.00. The 16GB version is only £129.99 while the 32GB version is only £20 more at £149.99.
blackberry playbook

Reading some of the reviews from Reevoo and there is some useful stuff to help make up your mind whether this is a suitable product for you.

‘great battery, lovely keyboard and wonderful size’ but limited support for apps

If you aren’t bothered about missing out on all the apps available at itunes and you just want to use it for general use like Internet browsing, email, camera etc, then this could be a great alternative and save you a few hundred quid.

Most of the reviews seem very good and I don’t think you can complain much for the price.

But the most funny review which I thought was worth mentioning…

‘Good Points i bought the playbook for my wife as a 20th wedding anniversary present, she was really pleased, she spent the next few nights constantly bouncing up and down on my lap…..thanks playbook…thanks blackberry… Bad Points i’mtoo knackered for any bad points.’

If you are looking for where to buy blackberry playbook, we recommend you visit PC World Here as they are doing the best deals at the moment.