How to find the best discounts available online in the UK

Almost Every man and his dog are in search of a good discount to help save them money in this current day and age. The Cost of Food, insurances, Fuel and recent tax announcements means that more and more people are seeking out a good deal. With people tightening up the purse strings this has meant that high street retailers have lost income too. Retailers have had to try and get shoppers back in the doors or shopping online. They are now constantly competing with each other and one way they can get consumers shopping more is by using promotional offers such as a discount off the purchase price or free delivery.

Retailers need to alert the consumers about these promotions to get them shopping again. A Great method is to use well known Voucher Codes websites to find the retailers latest promotions. This can be time consuming process as there are now so many websites offering this service. Some sites have promotions added by members of the public whether this is through them using it before, trawling the internet and then sharing it with others or being sent it exclusively from the retailer for a one time use. The problem with these sites are that more often than not the discount codes might not work.

Most people will use a search engine and will have already found a product or retailer that they will be searching for, depending on how far they are in the buying chain. Shoppers are becoming more savvy and will find the best price for a product then search around for a good deal. But also there are a percentage of shoppers that will stick with trusted retailers such as John Lewis for many products because of their reputation and the brand.

It’s quite simple to find codes in any search engine simply lookup the retailers name and voucher code as the keywords. For example you can search for Dixons Voucher Codes and you will get a list of sites relevant to your search. Most of these sites offer the same thing. Some will have easier to find, be more up to date than others. Most sites will hide the code so that they can get the last click to the merchants retailer. This is a way to track the sale and reward the codes site with some commission.

I own and run a successful website offering shoppers thousands of active Voucher Codes and promotional offers updated on a daily basis. We currently have a great range of Dixons voucher codes to help save you money when shopping for electrical products online.

My top tips on how to find the best discounts available online in the UK are:

  1. Search using quotes for example “Dixons voucher codes”
  2. Watch out for sites that allow members to update the codes, they may not work and to save time use websites like that work direct with the retailers
  3. Look out for Free Delivery Offers. Sometimes these can get you a bigger saving than using a code for 5% off, depending on the price of delivery and the discount amount
  4. Check the code or offer expiry date.
  5. You may also want to try the code as it may be that the code expiry date hasn’t been extended on the Voucher site but the merchant has extended the promotional offer.

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