DIY Tip – Temporary Tattoo For Kid Safety

Being a Parent is not an easy task most of the time. We always want to make sure they are cared for and looked after. I’m sure most parents at some point or another have lost there child because they have run off somewhere whether it be in a big shop or at some busy place like legoland! You will be going out of your mind trying to find them. I found this great DIY tip on another blog so can’t take credit for the idea but wanted to share it on here.


Basically you write ‘if lost call’ and your mobile number on your childs arm, then put the liquid bandaid on top, wait for it to dry and now you have yourself a temporary tattoo that is also water proof. This should last about a day.

A great and inexpensive adhesive bandage from Amazon. Click on the image will take you too Amazon:

skin shield Liquid Bandages