Soap has gone in my eyes Daddy – Problem Solved

I just found this Genius idea of a product that solves a common problem in my household and I’m sure it will help other parents who have children that moan about having their hair washed.

splash guard

It’s called the Splash Guard. It looks a little like a pretty dustpan that fits around the forehead of your child. Apparently you need to make sure to hold it in a downward angle and not like a baseball cap as someone in the Amazon reviews stated!

I’m sure my wife will purchase one of these as soon as she reads this blog post! Maybe I should have kept quiet so she doesn’t spend any more money. Although this will benefit us as a family as the kids will no longer winge and it will help speed up shower times.

Click to visit Amazon I will get a few pence if you purchase via this link so please do 😉