Save on Sky TV, Broadband and Phone Calls

A few months back we had a letter from Sky saying that our TV package is going up in price. God damn it!!

Although it was only going up by about £1 something, my wife and I were even talking about how we were thinking about cancelling sky and going to Freeview as we didn’t think we used that many of the Sky channels. Anyway we noticed a few friends on the social networks had called up and threatened to cancel sky and managed to negotiate a discount on their monthly payments.

I called up Sky last night and spoke to someone in cancellations. I basically said we have been talking about cancelling sky and then you increase our monthly payments. We are not longer able to afford to pay and wanted to know what our options are. They guy went away for a few minutes and come back and said they could offer us 25% off for the first 6 months. However this was only off our TV package. No discount off the broadband and our Line Rental and phone calls are managed by BT.

We are only on the Entertainment Extra package which was costing us £21 per month. Sky broadband is costing us £17.50 as there is no Sky Broadband in our area. They basically piggy back on BT broadband and charge us. At the time when we took out sky 4 years ago, this was the condition of our package deal.

So I wasn’t that excited about the £5.25 per month saving. I went on to say I may have to cancel as I don’t feel this is that good a saving. I explained you get better deals as a new customer. He wasn’t budging. He went away and come back and said, all we could offer is 20% off for 12 months which is less saving per month but will save us more in the long run. So I ended up going for this with the view we may still cancel and go to freeview at some point.

So for a quick phone call to Sky you can save save money. Albeit not a lot in my case, it’s still a saving. Some people are saving as much as 50% in some cases but I suspect they have much bigger tv packages.

TV total saving over 1 year = £50.40

Next I get a phone call from BT on the same day, offering to reduce our broadband payments if we move to them. They offer me free broadband and free line rental for 6 months. They also say the broadband speed will be approx 17gb and I’m only getting 8gb at the moment. After 6 months the monthly payments will be £13 per month. There is a 10GB download limit per month but to be honest we aren’t using that much as we don’t stream videos etc. So we will save £4 per month on our broadband but won’t be paying £17 for the next 6 months. Happy days. This is on an 18month contract.

Broadband total saving over 1 year = £150

BT also mentioned that in January the line rental will go up to over £15 per month. At the moment its about £14.50 or something. I don’t remember the exact figure. The BT guy advised me that if we phone up BT Customer Services and ask to be put on the annual saver which you pay upfront you can save this way. At £15 per month for 12 months this would cost £180 per year. The annual saver is only £129 if paid upfront. This is a saving of £51

Phone Line Rental saving over 1 year = £51

Total saving by reducing our sky package, switching broadband provider and paying upfront for line rental is £251.40

Now what can we spend this extra money on 😉

Have you managed to save on your SKY TV, Broadband or Phone Calls and Line Rental? What tips can you share?

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